Twitter breaks the timeline in the name of ‘conversation’

This is where services start to really annoy me. If someone is already full immersed in Twitter, they don’t need something like this, because they already understand how the service works. (And no, it doesn’t really make multi-tweet conversations any easier to follow anyway.) Stop treating us like morons, Twitter. Continue reading Twitter breaks the timeline in the name of ‘conversation’

Today in Twitter advice

I was writing another post about blogging and I went off on a Twitter tangent (inspired by no one in particular) so here you go. Nice and bite size: → Don’t label anything as ‘BREAKING NEWS’ if it’s no longer breaking. On Twitter news is only really ‘breaking’ for about a minute, tops. I recommend just avoiding the phrase entirely unless you are for sure on site and bringing the news to the internet. → Avoid clickbaiting question tweets. “Guess who might be starring in Episode VII?’ is not cute when the answer is ‘Benedict Cumberbatch‘ and it’s been a … Continue reading Today in Twitter advice

Links of the week

→ I have somehow missed The Hairpin’s Remembering Lilith series, but this week Anne Helen Petersen and Simone Eastman wrote on Fiona Apple and I was so there. By the time Tidal came out I was already quite firmly in the angry Boys for Pele/Jagged Little Pill camp of 90’s suburban teen angst, so I thought “break a boy just because you can” actually sounded kind of fun. (Yes, I have already apologized to most of the guys I knew during this period. High school, man.) I bought the CD without ever hearing a note of it, thanks to the … Continue reading Links of the week

And none for Women Woman, bye

5 Batmans, 3 Supermans (not counting Nicolas Cage) and 3 Hulks cast since 1978. But Wonder Woman is 'too hard.' — Dunc (@clubjade) August 23, 2013 My most popular tweet ever, by miles and miles, complete with folks correcting my numbers. (No, I wasn’t counting anything but live-action films, and yes, I completely forgot there have been two Spider-Men and three Punishers and etc, etc.) Yes, I should have typed ‘Batmen’ and ‘Supermen.’ Never change, internet. It was, of course, an offhand reaction to Ben Affleck being cast as the new Batman. (I LOL’ed.) I am not going to debate … Continue reading And none for Women Woman, bye

Four easy New Years resolutions for tweeters

Because I’m all about the Twitter, I guess. Are you not completely unshocked? 1. Click through a link before commenting on the tweet. This is a big pet peeve of mine (particularly when I’m running the work Twitter) and the thing is it’s not that hard. 2. Cut back on the passive-aggressive statements. This is something I’ve been doing lately, because I’ve run into a few serial offenders and fuck is that crap annoying. 3. Improve your grammar! It matters. Even if it is ‘just a tweet.’ 4. Don’t be afraid to unfollow people! If folks are starting to tweet … Continue reading Four easy New Years resolutions for tweeters