Drive-by kitchen update

The kitchen is nearly done, but I’m waiting to take pictures in decent light (and possibly with a real camera) before I show anything. (Also, there’s stuff in there, and I’m lazy. And at this point, why not wait?) In any case: → The cabinets and countertop are set. It was a royal pain in the ass and took six people, but they are done. (The problem with Home Depot was not really the contractors, it was the game of telephone played with Home Depot and the various installers/contractors. However, a plus of working with Home Depot: There was always … Continue reading Drive-by kitchen update

Kitchen woes

So the kitchen is… coming along. Except not really. Yesterday… The counters were here. And then most of them were gone. Because it turned out that the cabinets on the long wall weren’t level. In fact, they built the extended part on top of the floating floor, which is a big stupid no-no. So 3/4ths of my counters – including the sink – went back to Toledo to wait for the cabinets to be fixed. I really loved that sink. Obviously it wasn’t functional but I’ve been washing dishes in the bathroom. Just having it there, ready for a plumber … Continue reading Kitchen woes

Louie’s accident (He’s fine!)

On Monday, Louie’s obsession with doors being closed took a bad turn: The tip of his tail got stuck in the kitchen door. I wasn’t home at the time; apparently he seemed fine afterwards, my dad thought it was only a matter of fur (he does have a lot of fluff going on) and he seemed to be acting normally. But when I got home, there was blood matting the fluff, and a little pink thing, and yet he was still acting pretty normal. Luckily the vet was both open late and had an opening, so off we went. Turns … Continue reading Louie’s accident (He’s fine!)

The basement ceiling: Louie’s final frontier

Every couple days there is a huge racket in the basement. My basement is divided into two parts: The laundry room and the ‘rec room.’ The rec room is technically furnished, in an early 50’s kind of way. (Wood paneling, laminate flooring. Lovely. Not.) It has (had) a solid ceiling, a ceiling which is currently full of holes because we rewired the place before I moved in and that was the only way to get to the outlets in, oh, half the house. The eventual plan is to put in a better drop ceiling of some sort, paint/replace the paneling … Continue reading The basement ceiling: Louie’s final frontier