Links of the week(s)

I’ve been lax, but no apologies, right? → I didn’t watch Breaking Bad and I don’t really have a driving desire to, but Todd Alcott’s observations about the show raise some interesting points about TV drama. (And dude: Don’t stop there.) → Domino is back. Not sure if want? → Want to be at least somewhat informed about Detroit? Here’s a special report from the News about all the causes of the city’s issues. (The Freep did one earlier just focusing on the financial end.) → On the lighter end: Why do we eat popcorn at the movies? → Can … Continue reading Links of the week(s)

Different, yet the same

I haven’t even started watching the new season of Big Love, which is a far better show, but I’m still excited for season 3 of The Tudors. Even if Jonathan Rhys-Meyers isn’t going to get fat. (Seriously, how are they gonna spin Anne of Cleves if he’s just his usual greasy skinny self? I must know!) Speaking of Tudors, I finally caught The Other Boleyn Girl on cable this weekend. It’s every bit as awful as one would expect, and I got at least 200% more enjoyment out of Genevieve Valentine’s mocking. Continue reading Different, yet the same

Yeah, pretty much

Oh, XKCD. I had exactly one perfunctory ‘web design’ class in college, to three drawing classes and five art history. (Don’t regret the history – I rocked that stuff – but drawing? Pah.) I also took classes in photography (though not the art dept version, that one was impossible to get into unless it was your concentration) and printing. Yeah, I learned how to run a tiny printing press. Today, I work on the internet and wish I’d done a journalism minor instead, because I’m never going to use that printing thing. Though the screenprinting portion was kinda fun. In … Continue reading Yeah, pretty much

Preteen shit revisited

Sweet Valley High updated for the Gossip Girl generation. Don’t they realize that at least half the beauty of SVH is their pristine eightiesness? In my day we read books and ACCEPTED THAT THE DECADE WAS NOT OUR OWN. (See: Paula Danzinger and the 70’s.) No way are modern (pre)teens really this stupid. (Unless they are.) Are they really going to be totally thrown off by a world where cell phones and Facebook do not exist? Oh, and Jessica and Elizabeth are now a perfect size four. Ahh, progress. But of course, we all know the readers, no matter how … Continue reading Preteen shit revisited