RSS diversification

So after the last post, I realized that I’ve actually had two RSS readers. The second one has been, believe it or not, Livejournal. I’ve had (and used) an LJ since 2002, and believe I’ve been using it for feeds for longer than a dedicated reader. Reliability is (increasingly) not LJ’s strong suite, so at some point I migrated all the essential/time-sensitive feeds to Bloglines/Google Reader. But the nonessential personal blogs and webcomics remained on LJ. But Livejournal’s days are over. Fandom moved to Dreamwidth (an LJ clone) and Tumblr (sure, why not) and friends moved to Facebook (boo, hiss) … Continue reading RSS diversification

Goodbye, Google Reader

The end of an era? I was a bit of a blog purist for a long time, relaying on bookmarks, but as the number of sites I read increased I eventually folded and found my way to Bloglines and then to Reader. I had about 100 feeds then; it’s twice that now. I never used the sharing options or anything, but Reader was certainly one of the sites I came to depend on the most. When I heard Google was killing the service I might have gone a little Darth Vader for a while there – and not the cool … Continue reading Goodbye, Google Reader

They’re killing Google Reader

And I am furious. See, Google Reader is the single best web tool I have. It’s how I follow hundreds of blogs. It’s how I keep up with news. I’m pretty sure I use it more than email and Twitter. I’m looking at the around. I’ve bookmarked several articles recommending alternatives, but all the sites are getting slammed tonight and the few I’ve gotten through to are not particularly promising. I don’t need it to be fancy, but it must be completely web-based. I don’t want any of that ‘magazine style’ crap. I don’t want something that goes all Facebook … Continue reading They’re killing Google Reader