Loathing Boba Fett

For the most part, I can be happily apathetic about the stuff in Star Wars I don’t care for. Some of it I have to cover, so I cover it despite my own lack of caring. I play a lot of stuff down the middle, either due to apathy or due to not being an asshole.

And then there’s Boba Fett.

Let’s not be coy here: I hate Boba Fett. I’ve given myself permission to go full-out negative on one thing and he’s it.

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A no-bullshit beginners guide to Star Wars books

I know far too much about Star Wars. And so, so much of this is in relation to the Expanded Universe (aka the EU,) which is basically the official uber-geek term for Star Wars books and comics. Don’t call it ‘extended,’ please, because I’m totally the kind of geek who’ll write a style guide on the terminology.

So, let’s say you like Star Wars, and you’re curious, and that area of the bookstore is crazy, so you ask me what you should read to catch up with some of these folks after the movies. (Well, in one timeline, anyway.)

If you’re looking for something about Star Wars as a whole – you know, the actual movies – that’s over this way.

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