ASAP. Pronto. LOL.

I really loved the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special, which means I actually don’t have a ton to say about it. (And am thus writing this a decade after the fact in internet time.) The best recap/analysis – or at least, the one I agree 110% with – is from Tom & Lorenzo. If you’re curious about new Who, Alan Sepinwall did a nice selection of episodes that are good to start with. (I’d swap out ‘Christmas Invasion’ for ‘The Runaway Bride’ and ‘The Girl Who Waited’ for ‘Vincent and the Doctor,’ but YMMV.) I definitely recommend skipping around and … Continue reading ASAP. Pronto. LOL.

Links of the week

→ I have somehow missed The Hairpin’s Remembering Lilith series, but this week Anne Helen Petersen and Simone Eastman wrote on Fiona Apple and I was so there. By the time Tidal came out I was already quite firmly in the angry Boys for Pele/Jagged Little Pill camp of 90’s suburban teen angst, so I thought “break a boy just because you can” actually sounded kind of fun. (Yes, I have already apologized to most of the guys I knew during this period. High school, man.) I bought the CD without ever hearing a note of it, thanks to the … Continue reading Links of the week