Links of the week

→ Hours after I ranted about Star Wars fans, there was a pretty big Episode VII announcement that sent them into another tizzy of fear. Point proved. Seems like a good time to for a link going around this week from The Guardian, on how nuance is absolutely lost on the internet. I’ll take a whole graph, but be sure to read the whole thing: One problem is that the media landscape is structurally hostile to nuance, whether it’s the gladiatorial debate format favoured by the likes of the Today programme, the pressure to generate kneejerk opinions at short notice, … Continue reading Links of the week

She’s “like” a performer

So I was listening to the local cheesy pop station on the way to work last night (I’m sick of all my CDs) and Britney Spears’ ‘Circus’ came on. And listening to the lyrics, I realized how sad is it that she’s having to sing stuff about ‘cracking the whip’ that when she’s very much not calling the shots on her own life. And how much sadder is it that I actually know that? Continue reading She’s “like” a performer