Louie is free!

I swear I have written more about this damn cat in the past month than I have in the decade plus I have owned him. I have also never been so concerned with the state of the litter box in my life as I have been in the past week. The good news: Louie is out of the bandages, out of the cone. The tail is great. His giant ears are free of encumbrances, he can lick whatever the hell he wants, we can go back to the standard water dishes. The bad news: Urinary tract infection! Even though he … Continue reading Louie is free!

Louie is home, on the good drugs

A rare moment of peace. His tail is completely wrapped up.
A rare moment of peace.

I finally was able to bring Louie home last night – and he’s barely left me alone since. Louie is affectionate when sober, and doubly so when he’s been boarded for four days and on pain medication, apparently. He’s been getting lots and lots of affection and cuddling and LOTS of scratchies, because the sound of him trying to scratch himself though that collar is driving me nuts.

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Louie’s accident (He’s fine!)

On Monday, Louie’s obsession with doors being closed took a bad turn: The tip of his tail got stuck in the kitchen door. I wasn’t home at the time; apparently he seemed fine afterwards, my dad thought it was only a matter of fur (he does have a lot of fluff going on) and he seemed to be acting normally. But when I got home, there was blood matting the fluff, and a little pink thing, and yet he was still acting pretty normal. Luckily the vet was both open late and had an opening, so off we went. Turns … Continue reading Louie’s accident (He’s fine!)