I’m so glad I recognized exactly none of these bloggers

…Because that means I don’t have to feel incredibly embarrassment-squicked for them. In me shit, because “life isn’t worth living if you’re not sharing” or some other navel-gazing bullshit, I’ve had some crazy cold/allergy thing for a week now and I am at the point where every time I blow my nose it feels like the last time. But of course, it’s not. I am a snot machine. (How’s that for sharing?) Despite this, or perhaps because of it, I’ve been poking fingers into beehives over at CJ, wondering why the fuck Wookieepedia has an entry on breasts on Friday … Continue reading I’m so glad I recognized exactly none of these bloggers

Stream-of-consciousness: Things I wish people understood about blogging

I don’t post everything I see. Or, just because I don’t post something, doesn’t mean I don’t know about it. The week before Labor Day a lot of folks-in-the-know were tweeting vaguely about some bit of Star Wars casting news that the trades were sitting on. This turned out to be the Benedict Cumberbatch thing, but I didn’t post about all the vague tweeting because hearing there is news without actually seeing the news is frustrating. Why make my readers deal with it until there’s an actual name in play? Posting a rumor is not the same as believing a … Continue reading Stream-of-consciousness: Things I wish people understood about blogging

Today in Twitter advice

I was writing another post about blogging and I went off on a Twitter tangent (inspired by no one in particular) so here you go. Nice and bite size: → Don’t label anything as ‘BREAKING NEWS’ if it’s no longer breaking. On Twitter news is only really ‘breaking’ for about a minute, tops. I recommend just avoiding the phrase entirely unless you are for sure on site and bringing the news to the internet. → Avoid clickbaiting question tweets. “Guess who might be starring in Episode VII?’ is not cute when the answer is ‘Benedict Cumberbatch‘ and it’s been a … Continue reading Today in Twitter advice

On blog comments and commenters

Scalzi had a great post on blog comments a couple days ago. It’s totally worth reading even if you don’t run a site. My own experience comes from spending a lot of time in the ’00s as a moderator on the now-defunct StarWars.com forums – a learning experience, to put it mildly – and also having had to deal intermittently with the absolute worst kind of internet commenters – newspaper readers. But I’m nervous about moderating for other people – how far is too far? At work, we pretty much just zap spammers, death threats and any slurs that make … Continue reading On blog comments and commenters

I love dumb trolls

So one of the many joys of running a mildly popular Star Wars blog (and moderating comments, more on that later) is that I occasionally pick up a mini-troll. They almost never make it to the live site because they can’t help but make themselves obvious, but I see them, and here’s a confession: I love them. Usually. The current one is a serial offender who has already proven himself to be a giant jerkwad, so I don’t feel so bad about publicly shaming him on this much less offensive matter. Here’s the latest, as posted on my Kenobi review, … Continue reading I love dumb trolls