Your nostalgia is not my nostalgia

I don’t think there’s any more obvious sign of the generation gap than seeing all these people freaking the hell out over the whole Girl Meets World thing. Yeah, I remember Boy Meets World, but I guess it debuted not long after I aged out of the TGIF demo. Of course, I can’t muster the least bit of nostalgia for the TGIF lineup of my own day – Perfect Strangers? Full House? Family Matters? Just the Ten of Us? Step by Step? Maybe Dinosaurs? (Now, if it had been Fred Savage and The Wonder Years… Yeah, no. I doubt that … Continue reading Your nostalgia is not my nostalgia

Since we’re on the topic

My first record (RECORD!) was Cyndi Lauper’s ‘She’s So Unusual.’ We were a record family: My mother (who was/is a music person) didn’t really buy a lot of tapes. She held onto records until the bitter end and then gleefully switched to CDs. (My father is not a music person. I think he owned two records when they got married, one of which was ‘The Sound of Music’ soundtrack. He now owns Blue Man Group CDs. We shall not speak of it.) I’m sure I had a first tape, but I don’t remember that so well. That would have been … Continue reading Since we’re on the topic

And the infinite sadness

So the other day I had the radio on, and some Smashing Pumpkins song came on. I was never really a Pumpkins ‘fan’ per say, but I do believe they were a damn fine radio band. To be honest, that’s most of how I experienced music throughout the 90’s – via the radio. I’m just not a music person: I bought few CDs as a teenager, but not much really noteworthy. My only musical obsession was – wait for it – Tori Amos, with a side of Sarah McLachlan and that one year of Alanis and ‘Jagged Little Pill.’ Sure, … Continue reading And the infinite sadness