The X-Men take on the ’80s

I’m still not sure how I feel about Blue Oscar Isaac, but he sure does sound great, doesn’t he?

Candy-colored 80s X-Men, c’mon. How could I resist?

Trailer needs more candy, but I see you, Jubilee. I see you.

Apocalypse was never my favorite villain, though he did kick off the story that got me into X-Men comics – the bonkers alternate universe ‘Age of Apocalypse.’

In retrospect, it’s super weird that I jumped from the cartoon straight into an alternate universe. Almost all the background I knew of the ‘real’ X-Men came from trading cards. COMICS!

In any case, X-Men remains the comic book franchise of my heart, and the last one was as good as we hoped, so this will be happening.

3 thoughts on “The X-Men take on the ’80s

    1. I don’t have the slightest idea what arc they’re doing – it’s probably not Age of, though. But I never read any other Apocalypse storylines.

      If the new cast does okay and they keep going, maybe we’ll finally get a decent Dark Phoenix? Not that I’d blame them for saying away from that after X3. But I do hope they stay in the ’80s, because it’s such a perfect era for the franchise, and it’ll help keep some distance from the other comic properties.

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