That hiatus was unintentional

I didn’t mean to abandon this blog, but things just got… Busy. And there’s no way that lets up any time soon. But this is just a blog, a personal blog at that, and I don’t apologize for that crap, right? Right. It happened. Please accept cat pictures in lue of payment.

A few updates:

I still love Feedly, but Bloglovin is dead to me. They changed up the design and I just find it annoying now. Still liked the idea of keeping some feeds separate, but I can’t leave unread items in the one I use regularly. I can’t. So… Feedly it is.

→ I didn’t stop reading or anything, and I swear I meant to do a book post after Celebration, but now we’re midway through November so I might as well just save it all up for the end of the year.

Star Wars. Oh, Star Wars. You are at least half of why I’m too busy/tired to blog here. I do want to do a kind of basic guide to The Force Awakens for the non-obsessive fans, but last time I planned to write it I ended up getting invited to go watch roller derby. But there is a looming deadline (HOLY SHIT LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY) so, uh, yeah. Better get on that.

→ Yeah, roller derby. It was mildly interesting but not all that exciting? Sorry.

→ This blog is still getting a decent stream of visitors despite my neglect. And it was ages ago now, but it did get featured as an early adopter of the Gazette theme! So that was a neat thing I did nothing to capitalize on. Damn Star Wars.

→ I utterly suck at TV lately and the only shows I’ve been keeping up with at the moment are Jane the Virgin, Doctor Who, and (meh) Star Wars Rebels. I am slowly making my way through DVRed episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, though.

→ That said, I feel like I’m ready to move on from Doctor Who. I’m not sure what it is: I don’t dislike Peter Capaldi, but I’m just not feeling the show so much anymore. I haven’t since ‘The Day of the Doctor,’ really. I do tend to burn through the secondary fandoms at a pretty quick pace, and I do plan to stick it out through the season, but after that… I don’t know. We’ll see. One obligation show is more than enough, thanks. (And I’m not even sure I’ll make it through a full season of Rebels yet.)

→ And finally, because cat pictures make everything better, my parents adopted two new kitties! Their names are Titus and Max, and they’re pretty cute. Behold:

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