I would totally have dug The Crucible: The Musical

I’ve been listening to Florence and the Machine’s How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful pretty much nonstop for the past couple days, because that’s what I do with new albums. Once a ’90s teen, always a ’90s teen, I guess, and Florence is pretty much the best these days at serving up that particular flavor of quasi-alterna-goth. (Sorry, Tori.)

That said, I did get super annoyed at this:

A lover of all things sweeping, macabre, and vaguely otherwordly — not to mention music’s biggest champion of the bell sleeve since Stevie Nicks — Welch had initially tapped Dravs to produce the record because she wanted a collaborator who would call her on her own clichés and push her out of her comfort zone. And if you are Florence Welch, the bull’s-eye center of your comfort zone is a song called “Which Witch.” Which means that the advice Dravs gave her was very appropriate: “No, no — you can’t do that.”

WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? The teen in me says more baroque the better, and screw the mainstream.

(That’s why you’re no longer the mainstream, I tell the teen. You’re old now. She doesn’t care: She imprinted on ’80s Stevie Nicks, damn it.)

I do like the album. But I think maybe – for all the good points that Zoladz has – I may just have liked Ceremonials better. But it’s early yet.

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