Recent reads

I haven’t done this in a while! But I’m also prepping for Star Wars Celebration next week, so PROCRASTINATION TIME.


Red Queen, Victoria Aveyard. A pretty standard YA dystopia with a lot of familiar parts if you’re even moderately well-read in the genre. (Mostly The Hunger Games, because of course.) It was a quick read and kept me somewhat engaged, but the ‘twist’ is heavily anviled. You could do worse, but get it from the library or something.

Children of God, Mary Doria Russell. The sequel to The Sparrow. I actually enjoyed this one a bit more than the first, though I admit it’s far from perfect. The appeal here for me is probably more the developments and worldbuilding on Rakhat than anything else, though.

The Traitor’s Daughter, Paula Brandon. I picked this up thanks to James Nicoll, and because I used to really love Paula Volsky as a teen and had no idea she picked up a pseudonym. It was okay, but did make me recall that Volsky has had a bad case of diminishing returns for me since Illusion. Maybe just read Illusion.

Paper Towns, John Green. Meh.

I have loaded up my Kindle with a whole bunch of new/cheap eBooks for the trip to California (way more than I’ll ever be able to read; nothing Star Wars, because I will get enough of that) so maybe I’ll have more to say when I get back. Maybe.

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