TV watching

I’m not even watching anything that I mentioned last time, even though they’re all still on. (I finished Coven, which was weirdly fascinating even when it was bad, but I had to peace out of Freak Show. Circuses, man.)

Anyway, now:

Hindsight. This came out of nowhere, but I graduated high school in 1997 so I am totally the target audience here. (Okay, the almost-not-quite Gen X tail end of the target audience, but still.) Plus, I’m happy that VH1 is at least trying to do something other than all those super-lame reality shows that it’s been puking up since the mid-00’s. I’m pop-culture old now, VH1! Cater to me.

I mean, the theme song is one of those songs that I had completely forgotten about until I heard it:

Also, whoever cast actresses who look just like Christina Applegate and Six from Blossom: Kudos.

The 100 or as I sometimes call it, baby Battlestar Galactica meets Lost. Who knew the CW had it in them?

Parks and Recreation. I love it so much that I’m hoarding reruns.

Agent Carter, Jane the Virgin. Because.

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