The first teaser for the new Star Wars came out today. I am super excited and have ten billion things to do on CJ, but I thought I ought to write something here for posterity, too. Or procrastination, because I have a tweet roundup to do, and those are always kind of a pain in the ass, even though the most annoying part this time was having to get through all the bad jokes about erections (The Force Awakens har har, yeah, you’re clever) and snotty ‘true fan’ crap about ‘the haters.’ (Ugh.)

But. Still. New Star Wars. Not the first new Star Wars in my 20+ years as a fan, but the first new Star Wars movie that’s in the era I actually care about. I’ve never really hated the prequels, but I have no trouble admitting that they’re not really all that great. I can’t get personally affronted over them, because they’re… Well, they’re prequels. I wasn’t all that that invested in the ‘before’ era, so I was never going to be all that interested.

I gravitated towards the books because they took the story past Return of the Jedi. And yes, they bungled it in dozens of myriad ways, and I forgave them again and again and again because they were telling the story from the end that I care about. And so when they announced Episode VII, I saw the writing on the wall, and I was happy to get a second chance at that whole era.

And today, we got our first look at that. And as silly and as goofy as some of the stuff in that trailer is… Well, I don’t care. (Dude, it’s Star Wars. A certain level of goofy is not only part of the formula, it’s essential.) How often does one get this chance, to see their favorite fandom start over? To truly learn from the past – the books, the prequels, whatever – and move beyond?

As a natural cynic, I know that the movie may not deliver on my hopes. Hell, having seen this before through the prequels, I know how dangerous decades of expectations can be, and how they may blow up in all our faces. (How they’ve already blown up to some extent.) But still, I’m hopeful. And that’s enough.

Also, I made it on CNN. With a tweet, but still: How WTF is that?

4 thoughts on “Hyperventilating

  1. I am right there with you. I wanted to be cynical and keep my distance from this new set of films but after watching that teaser…I got goosebumps. I am trying to stay grounded but it’s hard to not think “This time they will get it right…or at least better! These people actually love the Star Wars universe!”


  2. Not sure where your coming from.. to me, from the trailer, the movie stands on its own feet. I was scared this was going to be too much like the OT. I wanted Ep. 7 to stand on its own. I think it does from those 88 sec. The pre-quels had there place, I thought they were great on there own.. (by the way I’m 42 and grew up with the originals) so from where I stand this looks great.. I hope we don’t hang this epic film on one era or another. . Lets hope it’s awesome in it’s own way.


    1. Well, that is what I meant. I’m talking about learning from the ways the books and PT and the way they alienated, at some point or another, parts of their respective audiences. I obviously want the new films to stand on their own as well, but they can still be informed by the past, fandom-wise.

      And yes, after being knee-deep in this fandom for far too long, I know all about people actually liking the PT. To obnoxious lengths, at some points – but then, often some EU fans are no better. But it’s the nature of fandom that every subgroup will have a few members who take things too far and/or can’t see the forest for the trees.


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