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scandals→ I’m reading the Scandals of Classic Hollywood book right now. There’s a bonus chapter on Anna May Wong at Buzzfeed and a new interview with author Anne Helen Petersen at The Hairpin (where it all began.)

→ I also read (and reviewed) Chris Taylor’s How Star Wars Conquered the Universe, which is great. It’s a pretty good overview of the franchise and the fandom.

Rebels, which I was bitching about last time, started up last night and I… Don’t hate it? I even feel slightly less annoyed that it exists this morning. These are good signs, seeing how I dreaded every season of The Clone Wars the way parents dread summer vacation.

This piece on Kramer vs. Kramer ends with some great observations on the state of movies and TV today.

→ How I feel about Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves (along with an early 80s gem, Conan the Destroyer) is how I imagine a lot of (or at least some of) Millennials feel about the prequels. It’s by no means a good movie, but I can’t help but eat it up. With a spoon. (More seasonally, this series tackled Hocus Pocus last year, a movie that I recall seeing in theaters just before I was too old for it.)

→ Stop trying to pimp your ‘improved posting experience’ at me, WordPress. I know what I’m about.

2 thoughts on “Links of the whatever

  1. I somehow never saw ‘Hocus Pocus, though even as a kid I was never into live action Disney movies’. ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’, on the other hand, I lost a whole summer too. I think I saw it in the theater at least 4 times, I remember dragging my cousins to see it with me and we spent the next day in my grandfather’s garage trying to fashion weapons out of random bits of wood. I’ve watched it a few times since (I have it on DVD, though it’s the regular cut, not the extended) but it’s been a long time. I know it’s awful, and while 12-year old me watched it for Kevin Costner, older me would watch it for Alan Rickman.

    The thing I find amusing about this article is how they talk about the intended audience, how it was confusing that a PG-13 movies with all the innuendo and flat-out rape stuff was marketed towards kids with action figures and what not. Yet we have Dark Knight Rises figures and Guardians of the Galaxy books for kids, both which contain content more mature than the usual age group that plays with action figures. Sorta hilarious.

    Hoping to give ‘Rebels’ a try this weekend. I never got into Clone Wars but I feel like this show is getting a more positive buzz already. :)


    1. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is just… Weird. But it’s easy to forget just how huge Costner was back then, I guess.

      I was never much into Disney live-action either, although I was certainly well aware of The Parent Trap (Hayley Mills version, natch.) But Hocus Pocus didn’t really register with me as ‘Disney,’ for some reason. Hell, I might have seen it because my mother was in a Bette Midler phase or something.

      Rebels has a lot less roadblocks than TCW did: Different era, no ‘hey, Anakin has an apprentice now!’ thing… I’ve been watching the hashtag and the negative stuff is few and far between, but we’ll see if that holds.


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