Kitty drama don’t stop

Obligatory vet photo.
Obligatory vet photo.

→ My 5-year-old cat now has a cardiologist and is on heart medication. Hugo was diagnosed with a heart murmur at his last totally routine vet visit. I took him to a specialist yesterday, and: He has a genetic heart condition that causes one of his heart walls to be too thick, displacing one of the blood valves. (Thus the murmur.) The good news is, he’s in no immediate danger. The meds may help alleviate the issue – we get to go back to the specialist in 6 months and see. He still gets his wet food (with a fourth of a tiny, tiny pill) and honestly that’s all he knows or cares about. I swear I only have two cats, how do they both have major medical issues within a year of each other? (Louie is still fine, very fluffy, all his tail fur and his mane have grown back.)

→ As for Star Wars… It hasn’t even aired yet, but I’m totally over hearing about the new cartoon, Rebels. I still haven’t finished the prequel book, A New Dawn. I was going to write a thing for CJ, but why bother? Intellectually I know it’s a good place for the franchise to be as we await Episode VII, but personally, I’m increasingly not interested… In any of the books coming out, really. It’s so much the inverse of the prequel days – when I was SO into the books, not so much the movies – that I kind of have to laugh about it.

→ I have been reading so many (other) books. So many. Thanks to my Kindle, I had to go to the library and renew my card (which had TOTALLY EXPIRED, THE SHAME) and so now I’ve loaned a bunch of eBooks (through this nifty Overdrive service) and even some real, actual paper books. One thing I do find infuriating is that sometimes they’ll have an audiobook but not an actual eBooks. (I find audiobooks infuriating generally, which is why I don’t listen to them, but it’s SUCH a fake-out.) The books themselves have been a bit of a mixed bag, but the nice thing about library books is that if it’s meh, it’s not like you paid for it. Their selection leaves a lot to be desired but hey, I finally did read Gone Girl, at least.

5 thoughts on “Kitty drama don’t stop

  1. I hate that too, drives me crazy (about as crazy as when we ONLY have the eBook and no physical book in the library…but at least that is easy to remedy). You know this librarian was happy to hear about someone using Overdrive. :)


    1. It keeps recing me audiobooks! But even if I could, if I wanted to… I only have the Kindle? Which has no sound? Although I’m sure there’s some way I’m not aware of to use ’em through the iPhone or something. (I will never, ever find out. Or ever attempt to explain it to my father.)

      Overdrive is pretty handy, mainly b/c most of the suburban libraries here are on the same system, so the ones that can afford to set it all up all share resources. So it’s not just MY library, it’s a couple dozen. There were 40+ copies of Gone Girl, I was like #8 on the list initially and got it within a week.


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