Cowabunga, dude

This may come across as hypocritical coming from someone who’s been in Star Wars fandom for so long, but I really do not get this desire to constantly resurrect the toy-based franchises of my youth as big budget movies. First Transformers, then G.I. Joe and now the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… I watched those cartoons as a kid, who my age didn’t? But I have zero interest in them now.

Yeah, I watched the new My Little Pony show for about two seconds, it was cute and all, but I lost interest pretty rapidly. And can you imagine a ‘gritty’ Pony movie? (There’s actually an awful/hilarious parody of this on Youtube somewhere, but hell if I can find it… Ah, here it is.) Even now, in the days of CGI? Ha. Yet the Ponies – and Barbie – are certainly the two biggest toy franchises I was ‘into’ as a kid. Of course, they’re also ‘for girls’ so why bother, right? (And as much as I’m just kind of WTF about this Jem movie they’re making, I really doubt I’ll actually go see it, any more than I saw those Smurf movies. Yet I also really doubt they’re going to market Jem to adult/nostalgia fans the way the more Micheal Bay-tinged stuff does.)

Look, I get the Marvel movies, even the new round of interest in DC. I get Star Wars, obviously. But the toy stuff? It just bewilders me. But toys for me as a kid were never about the official stories – it was about the stories we told with them. Hell, I’m not sure I even knew a My Little Pony cartoon existed back in the ’80s. They were ciphers – we gave them personalities and stories. (Is it any wonder fanfic is coded as such a ‘female’ activity?)

I dunno. Mostly I think I’m just sick of hearing all the fanboy bitching about whatever they changed in TMNT. Like, I’m sorry Megan Fox had too many lines for you, dude.

No lie, the movie IS ugly, so here's the 1990 versions. PUPPET POWER.
In any case, the new movie IS ugly, so here are the 1990 versions. PUPPET POWER.

One thought on “Cowabunga, dude

  1. Yes, I really wish they would stop mining the 80s Saturday Morning cartoons for 2+ hour movies. But I REALLY wish people would stop going to see them!! Why are they even surprised that they suck? I saw the first trailer for the TMNT movie and knew I didn’t want to have anything to do with it. (I do watch both My Little Pony and TMNT cartoons BUT they are more my “snack” show…like, I’m eating breakfast on Saturday and want to watch something short and sweet that I don’t have to worry about walking away from if I want more cereal.)

    And I agree with you about creating our own stories. I think I was aware there was a pony cartoon, but I never watched it. My ponies and turtles tended to hang out together (the turtles’ wide stance made them very good riders for the rounder ponies of the 1980s) and often my stories were that the turtles were on break from filming and hanging out with Shredder because I knew, IRL, they were totally friends! LOL. (for some reason, my Barbies always ended up driving their cars off of cliffs because of a boy…probably because I only had one Ken doll and about 6 Barbies…talk about easy drama (oddly enough, my mother didn’t want me to have Barbies but people would buy them for me because Girl.)


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