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My Real ChildrenMy Real Children and What Makes This Book So Great by Jo Walton. Two very different books by Walton and also the most recent and oldest read of this post. My Real Children is a novel that follows one woman on two very different paths in her life, though two very different (to us) alternate realities. They split when Patricia decides to (or not) up and marry her fiance, Mark. In 2015, suffering from dementia, she remembers both realities. Like Walton’s last novel, Among Others, this one sticks with you, and I’m currently reading it for the second time. A rare 5 stars from me.

What Makes This Book So Great is nonfiction, a collection of her reread columns for, a big favorite of mine. Yet I didn’t have much memory of the columns featured here – it’s possible I skipped them, having little interest in things like the Vorkosigan saga and Steven Brust books, which seem to make up big chunks of the book. Still, it’s interesting reading about reading, and she has got me to read many, many books in the past, despite the fact that I have never, ever been able to get into C. J. Cherryh despite multiple tries with multiple books, and have always been less than enthralled with the Vorkosigans (my favorite is her least favorite.) Recommended.

We Were Liars by by E. Lockhart. Behold, a YA book that is about more than romance! This is a sad one, as you discover the truth along with the amnesiac Candace. This seems to have mixed reviews on Goodreads and a lot of people are mentioning that the writing style is choppy, but honestly as a visual reader I never notice prose unless it’s amazing, horrible, or I’m on my umpteenth reread. Still, recommended.

The Dragon’s Path and The King’s Blood by Daniel Abraham. I am certainly not giving up on The Dagger and the Coin series after these two books, but I will admit that I find them far less interesting than Abraham’s first fantasy series, the Long Price Quartet, which seemed liked something entirely new. In contrast, the world of Dagger and the Coin seems like… standard generic fantasy, although with enough interesting characters and enough of a mystery that I’m holding the third book in reserve until we get a little close to #4’s release. (The different varieties of humans in particular strikes me as something out of a roleplaying game.) Recommended (so far) with reservations, but read the Long Price Quartet first if you’re like me and most Big Fat Fantasies of the ’70s/80s bore the hell out of you.

If you only read one… My Real Children.

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