Team Attic wife, or, the day my fandom went Alderaan

Big Star Wars news yesterday, if you are a certain sort of Star Wars fan: The Expanded Universe is being set aside. No, it’s not dead, not really. It’s being sent off to live at a farm in the country, to graze peacefully in the fields until it may be needed.

Wait, that’s a bad analogy.

It’s only sleeping. Wait, we’re in sci-fi: It’s in stasis.

But seriously, this is my best case scenario, so I’m okay with it. The books are still there, and it’s the stories that are important, not if they’re canon or not. (And don’t give me that fanfic bullcrap, either. I know the lines have been getting kinda blurry lately, but professionally published work is not fanfic, so simmer down on that. And even if it was, what’s wrong with fanfic?) And the concept of them being able to cherrypick only parts of the stuff for the movies? Simply ideal.

The new books? Smart picks to soothe a panicked fandom, but shrug-worthy for me, mostly. I’ll definitely read the Luke one even though first person in this context makes me very wary. (I can thank fanfic for that, as this is only the second first-person Star Wars novel ever and the first subject wasn’t a movie character or anyone I knew all that well.)

The reaction within my immediate sphere was fairly measured, very few of us taken by surprise, so I was getting irate about folks grouping all Expanded Universe fans together as crazy… Then I saw some actual crazy and remembered I’m the kind of fan who makes Jane Eyre jokes about these sorts of things.

I guess I can’t blame other fans for being upset, but: I kind of do? I’ve been immersed in all this too long, I’ve read the writing on the wall and between the lines and I find the whole concept of fans sniping at each other over canon tedious anyway, but… It’s hard. I didn’t care at all about The Clone Wars getting canceled but it was a lot easy to be understanding there for a few weeks, until I finally just bottomed out on sympathy somewhere around the point where they announced another cartoon. My sympathy for the other EU fans? Long gone, at least in regards to the ‘slap in the face/Lucasfilm owes me money’ crowd. It’s easier to be hard on your own, I suppose.

(I’ll have something more measured for CJ by Monday, something with a lot more positive thoughts about the future and all that, but for today I am firmly “Bitch, please.”)

3 thoughts on “Team Attic wife, or, the day my fandom went Alderaan

  1. I felt that this was a formal statement of how the EU has been treated this whole time. With the added announcement that hey, we’re going to treat it differently going forward. I wasn’t surprised at all, and I’m excited for two of the four new books.


    1. Well, yeah, it’s pretty much what folks like Pablo and Leland have been telling us all along (or at least since EpVII was announced.) This formally removes them and that whole stupid canon levels things which the fanboys took to pedantic lengths because, well, fanboys. I mean, I’m glad it’s all formal now but the fandom, man…

      Of course, then you get people going IT WAS NEVER CANON and I just, I can’t with those assholes either.


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