Links of the… whatever

Hi! It’s been a while. I am sick of talking about house/kitchen shit, however. I had huge backlog of links at one point but I never wrote anything and then I deleted them because it was just too overwhelming.

→ A federal judge struck down Michigan’s gay marriage ban yesterday. Weddings are happening! I don’t know why this couldn’t have happened earlier in the week, though.

→ Speaking of weddings, sort of I guess, Go Fug Yourself on the Kim/Kanye Vogue cover. I don’t get Kim Kardashian, or any of the reality TV ‘stars,’ nor do I really buy the relationship as anything remotely genuine. (Although I guess ‘love’ is one of the few reasons that make sense as to why an actually talented individual would latch himself to the famewhore shitshow that is the Kardashian family. Not the only one, but a reason. But it’s not a question that keeps me up at night or anything.) Still, point: An interesting analysis from the Fug girls.

→ Anne Helen Peterson (she of the fabulous Scandals of Classic Hollywood series at The Hairpin) is leaving academia for Buzzfeed. I don’t know jack about higher academia, but I am of mixed minds about Buzzfeed; One the one hand it’s ’12 Gifs ’90s Kids Are Addicted To Using To Celebrate Remembering Ecto-Cooler’ and on the other hand when they do do actual long form journalism, it can actually be pretty good. And I have the upmost faith in Peterson and will totally read everything she writes. So.

(Also, Hairpin: First you lose the chicks who started The Toast and then Gawker nabbed the Clean Person and now this? The hell, man.)

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