Drive-by kitchen update

Wee butcher block
Wee butcher block
The kitchen is nearly done, but I’m waiting to take pictures in decent light (and possibly with a real camera) before I show anything. (Also, there’s stuff in there, and I’m lazy. And at this point, why not wait?)

In any case:

→ The cabinets and countertop are set. It was a royal pain in the ass and took six people, but they are done. (The problem with Home Depot was not really the contractors, it was the game of telephone played with Home Depot and the various installers/contractors. However, a plus of working with Home Depot: There was always an upper manager.) But the important thing: I have a working sink with water and everything.

→ The butcher block from the old kitchen has been sanded, cut down, oiled and is also ready to be installed. Hopefully that goes well, because a new piece of butcher block at 12 by 25 x 1 ½ can cost several hundred bucks. (The color does kind of clash with the cabinets, but… I can live with it.)

→ We’re going with a local, independent place for the backsplash and the floor. Yes, we’re doing the floor again: It got scratched and there are missing pieces and… Basically, never put in a floor first, no matter how sweet the song of remnants is, because you might change your mind and decide NOT to resurface the old cabinets and… Yeah. On the plus side, I get to pick the color this time. That might all happen next week, and then… It’s all over but the painting.

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