Kitchen woes

At least I have this.
At least I have this.
So the kitchen is… coming along. Except not really.

Yesterday… The counters were here. And then most of them were gone. Because it turned out that the cabinets on the long wall weren’t level. In fact, they built the extended part on top of the floating floor, which is a big stupid no-no. So 3/4ths of my counters – including the sink – went back to Toledo to wait for the cabinets to be fixed.

I really loved that sink. Obviously it wasn’t functional but I’ve been washing dishes in the bathroom. Just having it there, ready for a plumber would have been a nice beacon of hope.

But yes, I do have a counter now – the one in the corner was just fine, so it stayed. It’s something, I guess.

(I did not think to take pictures when all the counters were here and in place, which is just as well. I don’t need to think any more about that sink. Also, yes, a couple of the handles aren’t straight. It will be fixed.)

As for Louie… He’s fine, healing very nicely. Still in a cone, but the only drugs he’s on now are antibotics and his potassium powder. He’s on his last or maybe second-to-last bandage.

3 thoughts on “Kitchen woes

  1. You are starting to scare me a bit (I’m also the one doing a Home Depot job). We are now at week six with nothing to show for it. We were ready to put in the order but they couldn’t verify my address with the house so they needed more info from me such as a receipt showing I live at this house. Which, in my common sense, I’m thinking, why would I take out a construction loan to pay for construction materials and labor for a house I don’t own and accrue that debt???

    Anyway, the sale ended yesterday so I spent four hours at Home Depot yesterday arguing and pleading with sales managers to extend the sale for us. And they are, but the process of getting this approved (all because they can’t verify I live where I do, even though I even gave them a copy of my HUD statement).

    Craziness. I’m hoping to be able to ORDER my cabinets by tomorrow.

    Good luck on your venture. Hopefully they’re not charging you extra because they can’t properly use a level.

    Keep us all updated.

    PS – still looks good!


    1. That stuff about the address is nuts.

      Yeah, there have been some bright spots but it hasn’t been perfect at all. I never didn’t understand why people do this stuff themselves, but I’m beginning to think it may just be a good idea to learn a few things myself! Never doing this in the winter again.

      By the time my father is through with them… Heh.


      1. Ha, yeah. My mom told me a story of how she tried to DIY a kitchen. She was without one for two years. I didn’t want to do that. But I’m on day three of trying to get a hold of the contractor to make sure he even received our faxed plans. I’ve been turned into the middle man between Home Depot and him, just to make sure things are happening. I called him Monday and twice yesterday and nothing. He’s going to start getting ugly messages on his cell phone. Good luck with the rest of your kitchen adventure.


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