Louie is home, on the good drugs

A rare moment of peace. His tail is completely wrapped up.
A rare moment of peace.

I finally was able to bring Louie home last night – and he’s barely left me alone since. Louie is affectionate when sober, and doubly so when he’s been boarded for four days and on pain medication, apparently. He’s been getting lots and lots of affection and cuddling and LOTS of scratchies, because the sound of him trying to scratch himself though that collar is driving me nuts.

→ His tail is completely bandaged, thanks to both the amputation and the cyst, but he’s been waving it around like mad. (There’s some sort of stent in the middle that keeps him from bending around the cyst, so that’s why it looks a bit stiff.) He gets to go back to the vet on Monday for a bandage change.

→ He’s clearly on the good drugs, and, thanks to a potassium deficiency they noted on his bloodwork, he’s also getting wet food mixed with a potassium powder. I don’t mind so much, particularly because if I hide his tiny pain pill in the food, he noms it as well. (I’ve looked up the potassium thing and he doesn’t have any serious symptoms of it being anything more – But yeah, I’ll ask the vet on Monday.)

→ Eating, drinking, litter box – all good.

Squinty! This is as good as a close-up as I could get. Note drool.
Squinty! This is as good as a close-up as I could get. Note drool.
→ He’s squinty. I assume this is a side effect of the pain meds, but I’ll ask.

→ Louie has always been a bit of a drooler when he’s excited. So that’s fun in a cone. Yes, he runs into things with the collar. It’s somewhat flexible so he hasn’t got it caught on anything for long.

→ Hugo has been very conciliatory. There’s been no fighting or antagonization, he definitely senses that Louie is not 100% and has been checking on him (from a distance) frequently. That’s a relief – I’ve only had to separate them when I give Louie his wet food. (Hugo gets some, too – without the additives!)

→ Of course, the little bowls for wet food are buried in a box in the basement somewhere, so I went to get new bowls. (I did look, but I only had two before and if I’m going to have to do this regularly, a second set is good to have.) And I’m sure this is obvious, but NEVER go to Petsmart the weekend before Christmas. It wasn’t crowded but someone had the genius idea to bring in rescue dogs, which would be fine if one of them wasn’t constantly barking, setting off half the other dogs in the store. And of course I had to roam all over the store because they moved the bowls.

I’ll have more pictures of the kitchen soon. All the cabinets are up – we’re just waiting on countertops – but as you can imagine, I’ve been sidetracked.

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