Louie’s accident (He’s fine!)

On Monday, Louie’s obsession with doors being closed took a bad turn: The tip of his tail got stuck in the kitchen door. I wasn’t home at the time; apparently he seemed fine afterwards, my dad thought it was only a matter of fur (he does have a lot of fluff going on) and he seemed to be acting normally. But when I got home, there was blood matting the fluff, and a little pink thing, and yet he was still acting pretty normal.

In the waiting room. I did not take a picture of his tail. You're welcome.
In the waiting room. I did not take a picture of his tail stump. You’re welcome.
Luckily the vet was both open late and had an opening, so off we went. Turns out, that little pink thing? Exposed bone. So Louie got to have about an inch of his tail amputated. And since he had to be knocked out anyway, he also got a cyst removed (also on his tail) and his teeth cleaned. (No extractions!) Merry Christmas, kitty.

Louie came though the surgery fine on Tuesday, and he’s coming home Thursday. (He’s doing “fabulous,” they said today!) He does have a cone on, so that’ll be interesting.

I admit I was a little freaked out at the whole situation. He’s had that (benign) cyst for a while now, so surgery was going to happen at some point, I just kept putting it off. And I still don’t get why he was acting so normal, there’s no way having the skin ripped off his tail didn’t hurt. But then, this is a cat that prioritizes affection over pretty much everything, even food.

I’m boarding him an extra day since there’s still some cleaning to do (yes, the cabinets are installed) and I’m just not sure if Hugo will antagonize him at all. Hugo isn’t mean, he’s just very rambunctious, and the bigger of the two, though Louie usually makes short work of him. Construction is done for the moment as we wait on countertops, so the house is already set up to contain them separately if I’m not here… I just need to add a second set of food/water dishes. I hope I won’t have to, but we’ll just have to see.

So, lesson of the week: Watch your pets around doors. Especially old, cranky doors that require a bit of force to shut properly.

And fathers. My dad is a total cat whisperer but… Klutz happens.

UPDATE: Someone (not me) scheduled more plaster work for Friday, so Louie’s return is delayed until the afternoon. Sigh.

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