“We need you to hope again.”

As much as the X-Men movie franchise has been bungled in the past, I can’t help but be a bit heartened by this trailer.

Marvel has been doing wonders with The Avengers, but the truth is that my heart belongs to X-Men. They got me early, with the 90’s cartoon. My only major foray into superhero comics? X-Men. I wouldn’t call myself anything but a casual fan, but such as it is. Here’s hoping this movie can live up to its potential.

I am such a sucker for a great trailer.

4 thoughts on ““We need you to hope again.”

  1. Everything you said, ditto for me. I watched the cartoons every Saturday, read the comics that I saw at the library, and was totally shattered by the terrible movie that was X3. But “First Class” was a fun popcorn movie and this looks like it could be epic. Oh please, Bryan Singer, please don’t let us down!


    1. First Class was the first glimmer of hope. The new Wolverine had issues, but… ::shrug:: Honestly, I’m not sure Wolverine really works outside of an ensemble.


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