New Veronica Mars movie footage

The good news: It has a bunch of new stuff in it.

Bad news: It’s all about the overblown ‘love triangle.’

I never minded Veronica’s relationship drama in the show – and I don’t certainly didn’t expect it to be excised from the movie or anything – but the way the fandom overblows it… UGH. (And LoVe? I’m old enough to hate pairing portmanteaus, and that one is particularly bad. And I can’t even ‘that’s not a real word‘ it. )

Basically, the lesson today is, if you know a fandom’s at least 80% shipper concentrate, don’t go into the Tumblr tags looking for screenshots. You will rant.

3 thoughts on “New Veronica Mars movie footage

  1. Well, I’m not gonna watch the trailer now because ugh, don’t give a crap about the “love triangle” (plus, I know Rob Thomas ships Veronica/Logan and I can’t stand Logan)

    But I’m still excited about the movie.


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