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"Get a hold of yourself!"
“Get a hold of yourself!”
→ Hours after I ranted about Star Wars fans, there was a pretty big Episode VII announcement that sent them into another tizzy of fear. Point proved. Seems like a good time to for a link going around this week from The Guardian, on how nuance is absolutely lost on the internet. I’ll take a whole graph, but be sure to read the whole thing:

One problem is that the media landscape is structurally hostile to nuance, whether it’s the gladiatorial debate format favoured by the likes of the Today programme, the pressure to generate kneejerk opinions at short notice, or the sheer volume of websites recycling unsourced, out-of-context and even mistranslated quotes. Subtlety doesn’t sell. But bad habits aren’t imposed from the top down. Across blogs and social media you can see how the internet amplifies and facilitates the impulse to think the worst of people you have never met and to ignore any facts or context that might take the wind out of your indignation.

I see this over and over in fandom – we all have. Thankfully there are people who can keep their heads about them.

→ Speaking of the media landscape: The New York Times on newspapers selling off their headquarters. I’ve been lucky to work at a paper at all, much less one in a gorgeous Albert Kahn building, and I’d be lying if I said we all didn’t have mixed feeling about leaving. (If we ever leave, because no one is telling us anything at this point.) In other paper news, the Columbia Journalism Review on how we’ve been covering the Detroit bankruptcy. Alas, it’s obviously weighed towards the Freep. Our staff is great, but we have a fraction of what they have. Business as usual…

→ I generally don’t go for sweet at Starbucks – I actually like coffee and am more likely to order extra espresso than any flavor of syrup – so the whole Pumpkin Spice Latte thing completely boggles me. (Full disclosure: I will go for the Peppermint Mocha upon occasion.) New Starbucks employees, kindly stop being so confused the 90% of the time I don’t order something that’s sickeningly sweet. You are a coffee place. I’m not a snob – hello, Starbucks – but come on.

→ Vulture’s 100 most valuable stars of 2013.

→ Designsponge’s top 5 lessons for living online.

→ The New York Post on why taggers hate Banksy.

2 thoughts on “Links of the week

  1. Thanks for the living online article. The point they make about living in the moment is key. I’ve experienced that a lot, both in myself and others around me. With myself it’s more with regards to taking photos than social media, but the point still stands.


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