Links of the week

Still here. Still linking. And actually thinking about designing things. Remember design? Sigh.

The only non-Futura font in the movie?How Wes Anderson made The Royal Tenenbaums. The part of me that grew up reading ’60s and ’70s kids books loves this film, because of course. Actually, the whole How To Make A Movie series is pretty great. Vulture, you are my favorite pop culture blog. And I should probably get the casting piece up on CJ at some point.

11 colors you’ve probably never heard of. I have a theory that Mental Floss is Buzzfeed for those of us who remember life before CDs.

Robin Hobb is writing another Fitz book. Ugh. He is totally her Lestat. That said I would totally read a Fool book. Trilogy. If only.

How the 1989 Batman logo helped set the course for superhero movies.

Britneys of the Plain: Cormac McCarthy describes the video for “Work Bitch.”

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