The five minute rant: Podcasts and ‘breaking news’

I’ve never been particularly shy about talking about my lack of affinity for podcasts, and I’ve probably annoyed plenty of folks by saying so, but such is fandom.

Podcasts are not a regular thing for me. I have enjoyed listening to them, I’ve enjoyed being on them. I have no beef with podcasts in general. They’re perfectly fine venues for opinion and discussion.

Where they piss me off is when they actually break news and then they don’t write it up. A podcast is the ultimate way to bury the lede. And it’s all the more puzzling because almost all the podcasts I’ve seen do this are affiliated with news sites. You have news? You write it up as news! You headline it as news (and thus get into folk’s RSS readers as something other than ‘My Great Podcast #143’) You attract new listeners or at the very least establish yourself in a potential listeners mind! No brainer, right?

Apparently not. The site that actually types it out a) brings it to the attention of people who don’t listen to your podcast and thus b) steals your thunder.

And that, if you must know, is the root of my annoyance with podcasts. Yeah, I’m not a listening type. I’ll never be a listening type: There’s a reason CJ has a Tumblr instead of a podcast, and that’s because I am ridiculously visual. But what this latest rant boils down to? As a place for breaking news, podcasts stink.

(No, Bryan, this isn’t about you. At all.)

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