No apologies

Sometimes you got up at 3:45 a.m. and need a second coffee just to stay up until the sun sets. Sometimes everything is deeply shitty and depressing because that’s just the way the world happened to crumble. And all you want to do is watch some deeply stupid TV or read a deeply stupid book or just eat a bowl of ice cream for dinner.

Some days you forget that the liquid fabric softener is vile and overscented and YOU CAN NEVER USE IT EVER and you have to send the contaminated load through a third time with baking soda because the vinegar didn’t work AND EVERYTHING STILL SMELLS LIKE A MY LITTLE PONY THREW UP ON IT.

Some days you just don’t feel it. And if you were getting paid, or there was something worth the trouble, you might follow through anyway, but you’re not. And it’s not. So fuck it.

(I have no ice cream. But I wish I did. Ice cream for everyone.)

5 thoughts on “No apologies

  1. There’s a very good reason why I think you are ace and I value your opinion, and believe it or not this post is one of the reasons why. Because you don’t have a filter, or an agenda, and you say it as you see it. That’s rare, and I hope it never changes. After Oscar the Grouch you are my favourite grinch x


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