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Wishing I was at DragonCon…

This is the saddest thing in the world when you're six.
This is the saddest thing in the world when you’re six.
The Neverending Story may be the best fantasy film of my childhood. (But really – none of us had any clue what the name Bastion gave the Empress was.) I actually read the book a couple years ago – and came out disappointed by the second half – but damn, that movie is perfect.

→ Since I won’t write about this for CJ, here’s my take on Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon: He’s not a guy I think of as having a distinctive voice, so the choice seems rather odd to me, particularly in light of some of the rumored choices like David Tennant (Doctor Who) and Sean Gunn (Kirk from Gilmore Girls!) But hey, I can’t pretend to know jack about Guardians of the Galaxy. Maybe he really is perfect for it. We’ll see!

→ I know, you’re sick of hearing about Miley, but I found one of the most interesting pieces to be Anne Helen Peterson on the pop star immunity problem.

→ Rebecca Hall’s comments on ‘strong female characters.’

Loving pencils. This is how far I’ve come from my art-major past, that I can’t remember the last time I used a pencil. But I was never much for sketching or shading or any of that (which is perhaps why I didn’t actually end up an artist,) so mechanical all the way. Thinking about pencils makes me think of the old local chain Gail’s Office Supply Co., though. It was awesome. And now I’m sad.

→ This is linked everywhere, but screw it: How 500 years of weird condiment history designed the Heinz ketchup bottle.

2 thoughts on “Links of the week

  1. That moment with Artax was a run-out-of-the-room moment for me when I was a kid. I think I knew that going to the kitchen to get a drink took just about the right amount of time for that to all be over with. Bought the movie on blu-ray last year, though, and it still holds up pretty well. It may not be as pretty, but the story is so strong, it doesn’t matter (and this could easily turn into a rant about “children’s movies today” because are there any movies for kids where a hero’s pet gets bumped off?)

    Also, I hope you go to Dragon*Con the next time I go to Dragon*Con because it would be nice to finally meet you after stalking following you online all these years. :)


    1. I really really REALLY want to do DragonCon again, but I don’t know how feasible it is. This year, of course, I was just a ding-a-ling who didn’t request the time off, but I really ought to be saving funds for Celebration.


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