I love dumb trolls

So one of the many joys of running a mildly popular Star Wars blog (and moderating comments, more on that later) is that I occasionally pick up a mini-troll. They almost never make it to the live site because they can’t help but make themselves obvious, but I see them, and here’s a confession: I love them. Usually.

The current one is a serial offender who has already proven himself to be a giant jerkwad, so I don’t feel so bad about publicly shaming him on this much less offensive matter. Here’s the latest, as posted on my Kenobi review, where, in the comments, I admit to not having played the video game Knights of the Old Republic, and to forgetting text from a 1995 art book:

Dunc is not really a true SW fan… he knows very little about EU. He constantly says that hes never read or seen many things… he shouldn’t even be an admin on this site if you don’t know the materiel. I question his fandom. He’s only here for the money.

He thinks there’s money! And that I am a guy! See? Adorbs. When he’s not being a misogynist asshat, anyway.

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