My fellow geeks

No, this is not it.
No, this is not it.

Everybody knows you want remastered versions of the original Star Wars trilogy, the one that wasn’t digitally touched up in the 1997, 2004 and 2011 rereleases. Lucasfilm knows, Disney knows, EVERYBODY KNOWS.

George Lucas knows. George Lucas doesn’t give a shit, but you knew that already.

If or when they finally do release it, I guarantee you they will SHOUT IT TO SKIES, (not like this) because they will want you to buy it. That’s the whole point.

Until then, you can stop telling me. Because I know. I watched the movies originally on VHS. I remember Han shooting first and Lapti Nek and little blue outlines around all the spaceships. I wouldn’t mind better copies of those versions. But that doesn’t mean I need to hear about it for the thousandth time. I know.

Yes, I also know they released the unmastered versions as a DVD bonus back in ’06. I was there.