Geek horizon

I’m not at San Diego Comic-Con, like others of my brethren, because from here, SDCC looks like a nightmare. Just the process of getting a pass and a hotel looks like a nightmare. Besides, as much as there is I’d like to see – Doctor Who, Legend of Korra, Veronica Mars… I can’t really justify going all the way out to California for any of that, from a news perspective. But it does look fun… Maybe one day.

I did take a long weekend off from work, expressly because of the con. So I’m that much of a geek.

The Star Wars folks are mostly sitting this out (mostly,) because there’s a big Star Wars con next week in Germany. I’m not going to that, either – though I’ve been to all the domestic ones since 2005 – because, well, Germany. I’m not crossing an ocean to to see nothing but Yet Another Convention Center.

So why didn’t I take next week off? Because I am a ding-a-ling. And also, with the time difference, I think most stuff will be announced really early in the morning EST, and work makes a pretty good reason to get out of bed before dawn. At least SDCC lets me sleep in.

2 thoughts on “Geek horizon

  1. Some of my DCSWCC friends are going to Germany, which I think is crazy. If I’m going to Germany, I’m not going to a Star Wars Con. But they will have fun since it’s all about the hunt for the next collectible for them.

    SDCC is a nightmare but…it’s also kind of awesome. I dunno, I survived it but I had someone to guide me through who was a pro so he got us into the best hotel (next to the center) and that made a HUGE difference. If I go again, I have to stay there because I wouldn’t want to commute in every morning. It seems to have gotten extra crazy though – the same friend couldn’t get a pass this year because they sold out so fast.


    1. For me in the past, Celebrations have been all about the book stuff – so the previous international Celebrations were kinda pointless, as none of that stuff was really a factor. Now, with Ep7… But the cost is just too much. I don’t mind going to Orlando or anything, because I’m just missing blatant amusement park/tourist crap there.

      I refuse to play the SDCC games – getting a pass, getting a hotel, waiting in lines, staying in Hall H all day… And everything comes out online soonish anyway! Plus, yesterday…. SW comic panel, followed by Legend of Korra and Veronica Mars at the same time, then the SW books panel? That’s two panels I’d HAVE to attend, two I really WANTED to attend, and if I’d been there? Forget it. At least playing along at home I could keep up with all four, after a fashion.

      Getting into the closest hotel at the last Celebration really made a difference.


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