RSS diversification

So after the last post, I realized that I’ve actually had two RSS readers.

The second one has been, believe it or not, Livejournal. I’ve had (and used) an LJ since 2002, and believe I’ve been using it for feeds for longer than a dedicated reader. Reliability is (increasingly) not LJ’s strong suite, so at some point I migrated all the essential/time-sensitive feeds to Bloglines/Google Reader. But the nonessential personal blogs and webcomics remained on LJ.

But Livejournal’s days are over. Fandom moved to Dreamwidth (an LJ clone) and Tumblr (sure, why not) and friends moved to Facebook (boo, hiss) and LJ is simply… fading. (A lot of this is its own fault, but that’s neither here nor there.) And quite frankly, LJ is not the greatest venue in the world for feeds, but it was one that was useful to me for quite a while.

I’ve migrated some sites I follow to Feedly, but mostly I use it to follow actual breaking news, and it’s getting crowded. It’s not the best place for sites I want to read at my leisure. (I’m notoriously bad at going back to look at things I’ve marked to ‘read later.’) So… I’m trying Bloglovin’.

I rejected Bloglovin’ as a Reader replacement early on. It was just not going to work for the massive amounts of sites I must keep up with. But for my casual reading, it might just do the trick. I like how it opens the actual pages, how it gives you a little countdown of posts you have yet to read in a top frame… It’s perfect for design and home blogs, where the blog’s own look is often an important part of the experience. (The entertainment blog and news sites I follow in Feedly are almost universally horribly designed, so who cares? And I certainly don’t need to actually click through to every single post about Vin Diesel’s mystery meeting with Marvel.)

Bloglovin’ itself seems highly populated with fashion and mommy bloggers, which makes their recs nearly useless to me, but I don’t need them them anyway. And the post-Reader influx may even help diversify the site.

Still, my point: If you’re not an RSS power user, if the sites you follow number in the dozens instead of the hundreds, Bloglovin’ – stupid name and all – may be a good option.

5 thoughts on “RSS diversification

  1. Livejournal has been my main RSS reader for years too but it is hard to deny that the site itself is gasping for air. I’m not sure what was the “jump the shark” moment, I guess the Russian takeover? I thought about going over to Dreamwidth but I just don’t have as many friends there so it made it hard to move. Right now, I just feel scattered. I’ve got facebook and twitter and wordpress and tumblr and instagram…I’m just everywhere which means I’m nowhere, which leads to massive cross-posting.

    Apart from WordPress, I don’t find any of these new platforms good for conversation or long-form posts (and by “long form”, I just mean more than one sentence.) It feels like more and more people are online but less are reading. I dunno…I’m struggling right now on whether I should renew my website/domain…I originally got it to use for my livejournal icons…which I don’t make anymore. But is it worth hanging on to and making it my personal hub if no one cares?


    1. Oh, it started long before the Russians. I think the exodus really began with the big outage in 2005, then the mass deletions in 2007 (I think,) and it’s come in thousand cuts ever since… But a lot of that is simply due to other sites that are ‘easier’ for the layperson to participate in. That’s the real genius of Tumblr and Facebook – post a tiny paragraph, or picspam, or reblog/share. You don’t need to put much effort into things at all.

      I can’t stand crossposting, and I try not to do it regularly, though I know I have more readers on Tumblr and even still on LJ so a lot of the stuff here is just going unseen. (And CJ… It’s hard to go from a site that breaks a thousand pageviews almost every day to one where the week’s high is 7.) But I’ve also found that as I get older, the less I really have to say about a lot of things… So does it really matter? Is it worth it to try and build up an audience here? I don’t know. I’m still deciding.


  2. Let me know what you decide because I’m sorta right there with you. I miss that regular interaction I would have with online friends. I’ve done a bunch of LJ friending memes recently to try to find active people but I guess I haven’t been posting as much either. My domain expired today….


    1. I’m keeping my fingers in everything, honestly. Twitter is the primary source of actual interaction, then Tumblr seems to be the most successful, if a little less conversational. I still read LJ, though I’m doing more posting here.

      You can renew your domain, to hang onto it (there should be a grace period) and just forget the hosting part until you find a place.


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