Goodbye, Google Reader

The end of an era?

I was a bit of a blog purist for a long time, relaying on bookmarks, but as the number of sites I read increased I eventually folded and found my way to Bloglines and then to Reader. I had about 100 feeds then; it’s twice that now. I never used the sharing options or anything, but Reader was certainly one of the sites I came to depend on the most. When I heard Google was killing the service I might have gone a little Darth Vader for a while there – and not the cool Vader, but the dumbass one who gets all his limbs cut off and pan-fried for his troubles. Not good.

But I recovered, and migrated to Feedly. It’s not perfect – ahem – but I managed to hammer out my settings for maximum efficience and assuming the backend quirks eventually get ironed out, it’ll do. (And it’s prettier than Reader, which is a plus, if not an exactly vital one.) Yes, I would have paid Google for the service, and I’ll probably pay Feedly when/if the time comes.

Part of the reason I love a straight RSS reader is that I cannot stand formats that think they ‘know’ what I want to see. I’m not a casual internet user, I’m not doing this to waste time when I don’t feel like playing Words With Friends. If I tell you I want to see the thing, show me all of the thing. Don’t guess which 30% of the thing I’m actually interested in. I’m not big on liking or commenting or any of the random factors that sites like Facebook look at, and it saddens me that that’s the turn the internet seems to be taking. (Twitter, which I mostly love, has started doing it with hashtag searches as well, which is annoying as fuck. I know what people I’m following have posted BECAUSE I’M FOLLOWING THEM, Twitter.) I’m not afraid of or overwhelmed by lists of information; I can make my own choices. Please allow me the courtesy.

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