Today’s Star Wars news/rumor: I’d watch it

I’m 95% sure it’s total bullshit and the whole obsession with this 1313 crap continues to make me roll my eyes, but I would totally watch this completely-out-of-left-field Star Wars animated series.

Even if the title does make me think of RDJ is a wig... Or is that Restoration?
Even if the title does make me think of Robert Downey Jr. in a wig… Or is that Restoration?
Particularly because I love the idea of Luke dropping out to adopt a Preacher-style persona, I admit. Total weakness for that archetype. (Admission: Dune Messiah and Children of Dune are my favorite Dune.)

The whole aspect where Han and Leia aren’t together? (Or at least, not married?) Riots would ensue. But I do love the idea of it being a near-complete 180 from the established post-Return of the Jedi Expanded Universe, but still drawing in EU elements. (Mara Jade? Not out of the question.)

Again: It’s probably bullshit and I can already smell the flame wars coming either way: EU fans are an easily-panicked bunch these days. But I’d watch it in a hot second, even if the character designs were The Clone Wars/Thunderbirds-style fug.

UPDATE: Of course Lucasfilm denied it, and announced their actual next series, Rebels, in May. It’s set in-between the existing trilogies, which makes much more sense than jumping into new movie territory right away.

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