They’re killing Google Reader

And I am furious.

See, Google Reader is the single best web tool I have. It’s how I follow hundreds of blogs. It’s how I keep up with news. I’m pretty sure I use it more than email and Twitter.

I’m looking at the around. I’ve bookmarked several articles recommending alternatives, but all the sites are getting slammed tonight and the few I’ve gotten through to are not particularly promising.

I don’t need it to be fancy, but it must be completely web-based. I don’t want any of that ‘magazine style’ crap. I don’t want something that goes all Facebook and thinks it knows what I want to see. I just need the ability to create and arrange folders and see lists of my feeds. That’s it. (I am seriously OCD about feeds.)

I don’t give a flying fuck about what Google has done to Reader in the past. I never shared shit with it. I wasn’t always fond of the design tweaks, but there was nothing I didn’t get used to. It’s EVERYTHING I NEED AND NOTHING I DON’T.

I would actually pay for that shit. Seriously. Google, I would pay. It’s that useful and that vital to how I consume the web.

Damn it, Google. No amount of Veronica Mars is going to fix this. YOU’RE BREAKING MY HEART.

(Originally posted on LJ)

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