The basement ceiling: Louie’s final frontier

Every couple days there is a huge racket in the basement.

My basement is divided into two parts: The laundry room and the ‘rec room.’ The rec room is technically furnished, in an early 50’s kind of way. (Wood paneling, laminate flooring. Lovely. Not.) It has (had) a solid ceiling, a ceiling which is currently full of holes because we rewired the place before I moved in and that was the only way to get to the outlets in, oh, half the house.

Murder basement! And a vent for some reason.
Murder basement!
And a vent for some reason.

The eventual plan is to put in a better drop ceiling of some sort, paint/replace the paneling and set it up as an office/library/maybe guestroom. But for now, it’s just storage space and/or kitty playroom.

Louie made it to one of the window ledges a few weeks ago, and has since been obsessed with the holes in the ceiling.

The basement also has a couple piles of random boxes and such from when I moved in.

You see where this is going? Yup, Louie jumps on the boxes trying to get to the ceiling. On top of one of the boxes was a milk crate filled with CD cases. What happened? Yeah, you guessed it. The next time it was an empty box, but it still made a clatter.

I don’t know how Louie hasn’t gotten hurt. He’s not as young as he used to be, but he’s still an excellent jumper. He’s clever and extremely stubborn. This is a cat I have seen try to climb tile walls. (Yeah, I said clever, but he’s not exactly smart.) HE WANTS TO GO TO THERE.

Currently, there are no boxes piled higher than three feet. The milk crate is in a secure location. It’s been a few days since I heard a clatter. Will it hold? Will I have to shut it off and thus make him newly obsessed with the whole room? Who knows…

Hugo, of course, could not care less, but Hugo can’t even figure out how to get behind the drapes if there’s not an obvious gap.

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