It’s 2013. Educate yourselves.

I already put this on Tumblr, but screw it: This paragraph by Lindy West at Jezebel (part of a larger post on Sexism fatigue and Seth MacFarlane and the Oscars) pretty much sums up my reaction to every feminism blowup in fandom and out of it:

“I am tired of being called a shrieking harridan for pointing out inequalities so tangible and blatant that they are regularly codified into law. I am tired of being told to provide documentation of inequality in the comments sections of a website where a staff of smart women documents inequality as fast as our fingers can move. Like, you might as well write me a note on a banana peel demanding that I prove to you that bananas exist. I am tired of being asked to “cite sources” proving that sexism is real (that RAPE is real, even!), because there is no way to concisely cite decades and decades of rigorous academia. Allow me to point at the fucking library. We can’t cite “everything,” and our challengers know that. It’s an insulting diversionary tactic, it’s an attempt to drag us all backwards, and fuck it. Do your own research like the rest of the grown-ups.”

Not this again, I know, but one of the posts I’m working on ate another one I was working on (yes, one of them is the Marvel thing) and now it’s far more broad than I expected (more broad, har-har) and I am just not up for another round like the last one. I do not want to explain Feminism 101 to another batch of random dudes who are apparently unaware of anything that happens outside of whatever tiny corner of internet fandom they inhabit.

I don’t have a lot of patience for ignorance. And in this, I have even less.

(And yeah, I’m beyond sick of discussing Seth MacFarlane. I guarantee that the people still posting about it at this point are, too. But if it takes a hundred posts to get through to a dozen people, well, so be it.)

In more happy ‘fangirl’ news, there’s this. Please go submit Jaders and such.

(Originally posted at LJ)

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