Unpunctual movie review: Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson & The Lightning ThiefI’ve always been a fan of Greek mythology, so I knew this movie was probably not a good choice. But there it was, all shiny, and basically the trainwreck syndrome made me do it.

It actually wasn’t quite as bad as I feared, although I feel for Sean Bean and Kevin McKidd, both of whom deserve better. (And poor, poor Pierce Brosnan, who wasn’t even given to option of looking anything but ridiculous.)

But Camp Halfblood? I can write off some of the other stuff as just portals, but why is the damn camp in America? Has it always been there? Just ’cause? And you named it Camp Halfblood? That’s like if J.K. Rowling had just called Hogwarts ‘Wizard Boarding School.’ Jesus, Riordan.

Some of the bits were clever in a dumb kid movie type of way, although you’d think the kids in the movie – who actually know the myths – would be able to spot Medusa and the Lotus eaters in a split second.

But alas, the only real highlight here is the Olympian stunt-casting. Sigh.

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