Unpunctual movie review: Jennifer’s Body

Jennifer's BodyOkay, so I’ve caught Jennifer’s Body on cable (yeah, I’m that cool) and I have to say I think it’s a decent movie than for one simple reason: Megan Fox gets the brunt of Diablo Cody’s signature dialogue, and SHE’S EVIL. High School Evil and then (spoiler!) Evil Evil. She’s not Juno. (I hated Juno. The character was like a walking, talking embarrassment squick.) You’re not supposed to root for Jennifer. It’s a win-win for both Cody and Fox.

(And of course Adam Brody is a Satan-worshipping indie rocker.)

No, it’s not a perfect movie. Yes, it was mismarketed. Yes, it’s impossible to buy Amanda Seyfried as ‘the nerdy one.’ Yes, the girl-on-girl makeout scenes take that long hard leap from gratuitous to ridiculously gratuitous.

But, you know, I kinda liked it anyway.

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