Introducing Hugo


Hugo is about a year old and was rescued after being thrown from a car on Woodward Ave. Despite this, he’s very sweet and friendly and adapted to the house more quickly than Louie did.

(The rescue people had named him Tom, but since I already had a Tom – our first cat – a rename was in order. I don’t really like giving pets fandom names, but we were joking and it just kind of stuck. Oh well. I suppose that flew out the door with Morgan, anyway.)

He has a huge head, which he puts to good use headbutting everything that will let him.

Louie is… Not happy with the situation. Things went a lot easier with Morgan, mainly because she was scared out of her gourd and hid for a couple of days. Hugo made himself right at home (he was on top of that tower within six hours of arrival) in spite of the hissing and occasional slap attacks.

Still, he wants to be friends, and will follow Louie around at a respectful distance if I’m doing something boring. (He was previously sharing a very large cage with a chilled-out black Maine Coon – a dead ringer for Murphy in his 20-pound days – and if the hairball I cleaned up this morning is any indication they got along famously.)

Louie is warming up, though – there was only one outright attack today (that I saw,) and singular hisses. I fully expect a full thaw within a week or two.

Here’s hoping.

UPDATE: They are buds.

Hugo and Louie

Cuddle buds, which is better than I ever expected.

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