Linkmania: Best sites for finding random stuff

Remember when the internet was just a place for reading and discovering things when you were bored? (Okay, you don’t need to remember: It still is.) Here are my picks for the best places to waste away an hour or so.

Neatorama. This is my favorite, and one of my staple bookmarka for finding neat stuff. A lot of genre-related stuff I find here will find its way to CJ or @clubjade.

NOTCOT. This one is more focused on art and design, but a lot of neat stuff will show up here. Plus, pictures!

Metafilter and Kottke. Going old school with some of the staples that are still kicking. I actually really enjoy AskMeFi and could browse it for hours.

Design*Sponge is one of the best blogs around for anyone interested in modern interior design. Apartment Therapy is also fun.

Newcomers. Here are a few blogs I’ve discovered only recently: Eat Me Daily, Idsgn, and World Famous Design Junkies, all great places to whittle away time.

One thought on “Linkmania: Best sites for finding random stuff

  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing these links. I’m taking over the Young Adult section of the library’s website next month, this should give me plenty of interesting fodder to fill space with! :D


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