What really killed Pontiac

Yes, it came out years before GM decided to use Pontiac as a sacrifice to the reorganization gods, but I can tell you that the design aesthetic began by the Aztek is the reason why I wouldn’t even touch the damn things when my ’93 Grand Am started to be more trouble than it was worth. I mean, I grew up with Pontiacs (and Chryslers.) I can’t recall a serious problem that wasn’t the result of regular wear and tear. But with the Aztek, it was all over: I replaced my Pontiac with a Toyota. Even my parents defected to Mazda.

I know, it may seem petty. But I almost crashed that Grand Am on I-94 the first time I saw one of those things in the wild. It was just that ugly. And it’s only in the last few years that they’ve recovered… But I guess it was too late. Stupid Aztek.

2 thoughts on “What really killed Pontiac

  1. GOD I hated that thing. My parents rented one once in Florida and we could not get over how hideous it was! I wonder if they designed it as a dare.


  2. I wish I knew. There’s a way to do ugly-cute, but that is SO not it.

    I’m utterly serious about the near-crash thing. IT CAME UP FROM BEHIND.


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