Yeah, pretty much

Oh, XKCD. I had exactly one perfunctory ‘web design’ class in college, to three drawing classes and five art history. (Don’t regret the history – I rocked that stuff – but drawing? Pah.) I also took classes in photography (though not the art dept version, that one was impossible to get into unless it was your concentration) and printing. Yeah, I learned how to run a tiny printing press. Today, I work on the internet and wish I’d done a journalism minor instead, because I’m never going to use that printing thing. Though the screenprinting portion was kinda fun.

In high school, they taught us Microsoft products. I still occasionally yearn for Word 6.0, before it tried (and failed) to do everything for you. And while they never taught us Publisher in school, playing with it at home did give me a good basis of frustration (No turning off object wrap! The hell?!?) that made Quark my fondest computer wish fulfillment.

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