Optimus Lulz

Somehow I just wasted two hours of my life on one of the most pointless action/sci-fi movies I’ve ever seen: Micheal Bay’s Transformers. It couldn’t even manage to suspend my much-abused suspension of disbelief. (That made no sense… Long story short: I LOL’ed.)

I’m not saying the effects weren’t impressive. I’m saying that it’s a movie about transforming robots based on a exceedingly lame cartoon of my childhood, a decade which practically specialized in exceedingly lame cartoons. Even the Smurfs have a better chance of me taking them seriously than this, Micheal Bay. Especially when they started talking. (The lingo alone: Autobots? Decepticons? DYING OF LULZ. And I say this as someone who can use the word ‘padawan’ in a sentence and still keep a straight face.) I’m sorry, but some things just need to stay cartoons.

Points for filming some of it in Detroit, though not for forgetting to keep the colors of the street signs consistent during the final battle. YEAH, I WENT THERE.

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