Preteen shit revisited

Sweet Valley High updated for the Gossip Girl generation. Don’t they realize that at least half the beauty of SVH is their pristine eightiesness? In my day we read books and ACCEPTED THAT THE DECADE WAS NOT OUR OWN. (See: Paula Danzinger and the 70’s.) No way are modern (pre)teens really this stupid. (Unless they are.) Are they really going to be totally thrown off by a world where cell phones and Facebook do not exist? Oh, and Jessica and Elizabeth are now a perfect size four. Ahh, progress.

But of course, we all know the readers, no matter how dumb they may be, aren’t the point. They just want this shit to sell. Again.

In less headesking YA-themed reading, Print looks at this evolution of cover design in the genre. I understand changing the cover art, but changing the insides just seems silly. (Except maybe nixing the belt from Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret.) People do still use the library, you know, and libraries are going to have tons of the originals sitting around. I won’t deny spending real money on SVH, but you better bet the lion’s share came from the library. And people were still taking them out years later.

True story: While shelf-reading at my high school library job, I used to arrange books by one author not alphabetical by title, but by chronology, mainly going by cover art. In short, I was always a total dork. I know you’re shocked.

Anyway, for additional 80’s/90’s teen book fun, I urge you to visit The Dairi Burger.

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